Sunday, January 18, 2009

*January 18th, 2009*

Oh my today was full of stuff going on!
My best friends baby shower was today! She is due in about 3 weeks! She got alot of good things she needs badly! I am so excited! lol! The girls went with me and Hailey went home with my sister and spent the night with her! She is Aunt Sissy's girl! lol! So it is just me and Morgan tonight! She is so different when Hailey isnt around! lol (for the better)
I was at Sheila and Yvette's auctions today. Didnt get a sale :( ! Oh well, there is always next time! For Jordan Essentials I am approximately $100 from my kit! I was at about $60 from it, but someone cancelled an order!
Well now Ashley (best friend) just left to go the hospital from having contractions so close and she is dialated to a one and a half but they might let her go home if it doesn't progress any more in about an hour! I am off to do laundry in a little while! Hope I can get caught up with that and some other things around here while Hailey is gone! Somehow it is easier to clean with my 16 month old here, than my 3 year old? LOL! But Morgan listens to me alot better than Hailey does! Well it is off to do some cleaning and laundry now that Morgan is asleep! And school work! Oh no! :) E-mail ( me your order, otherwise it will not count towards my kit! My own scrapbooking business, check it out!

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